Relaunch Details

BeeKeeper is going to relaunch when the momentum from the community is putting the token in a better position for long term growth. Essentially, we believe it is best to launch when our Telegram group hits 2,000 members hoping this would provide more stability for the token at launch. However, more details are on the full release for the relaunch on the tab to the right. 

Native-Bees contribute to a large amount of our food, flowers, and livelihood.

They are the only insects that produce food that humans eat. In fact, honey is the only food that contains an ingredient called pinocembrin that is associated with improving brain function. Most importantly, bees pollinate most of the food we eat - most of them our fruits and vegetables.

This would be an alarming decline in the foods available to us if, or when, the bee goes extinct. Whole Foods’ depiction of their store without the help of pollinators is a good example of the impact. That is only the beginning.

We are looking at this decline of the bee and nature's pollinators through a very small lens. The ripples of change with each missing piece of the circle of life are going to have an impact on more than just our diet. We could very well lose some of, or at very least experience a decline, in the plants that other animals depend on, because there is less pollination in those plant species.

Less access to food for the animal species leads to a decline in those species as well, or a change in their diet which affects other plants and animals. With each loss of different species there will be lasting effects on the ecosystems around them.

Every $BKPR holder automatically gives back through the charity wallet with every transaction.

Our 12% transaction fee encourages the community to simply hold, while the team works to increase the value of the token through token burning, advertisement and partnerships to bring new holders in.

As the world continues to deal with the shared effects of climate change and devastation, $BKPR seeks to define a clear and committed path to preservation of the world’s most sacred bees.

$BKPR is a charity token focused on providing direct token donations to bee charities. $BKPR delegates a 100% flow-through of funds (with 0% commissions or other hidden charges) directly to the community-selected charities serving bees around the globe.

Join the Hive - BEE part of the colony.

Introducing... TheBee G's

Ethan Barker - COO

Nature-loving student for life, dedicated to making businesses and numbers work. Super powers: get things done in time, in budget and at quality.

Queen Bee - Advisor

20+ years of experience in IT, pragmatic and result-driven. Efficient in communication. Go-getter and in possession of a good dose of analytical ability.

Michael Weaver 

Worker Bee

Risk Manager in work life, perpetual student in personal life. Creative to a fault, not as funny as he thinks, believes reading insurance policies are "not a bad time."

Farmer Bee

Serial Entrepreneur obsessed with the outdoors. Family man focused on prodiving residual returns to ensure most of his time is with those closest to him.

Drone Bee - Advisor

Seasoned Strategy & Economics Executive with a 24-year track record and start-/scale-up advisor, mentor, investor and accelerator with a focus on sustainability ventures.

Guard Bee - CPO

Efficiency, reasoning and decisiveness. Several years of experience in Financial Technology, particularly data analysis and project management.

Connect Bee - Advisor

Well-connected investor and serial-entrepreneur with amazing ability to accomplish

great things without sleeping. 

Our Community.

Yeah, that’s you… The superstars who are keeping the hive alive!

Better Together

We believe in the power of a community. 

We choose to share our success with the world in an effort to better the lives of our community, their families and native bees.

Make sure to follow and engage with us on Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.

The Roadmap


Launch on PancakeSwap (BSC)

Launch on PancakeSwap once our Telegram group hits 2,000 members.

Charity donations

Donations will be made based on trading volume to organizations that have signed and returned the Donation Acknowledgement Letter.

CoinGecko + CoinMarketCap application

Applications will be made to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for further exposure.

Register a legal entity

The BeeKeeper team will register a legal entity to further support with future partnerships and charitable projects.


Project BeeKeeper

Our team will begin to help our cause in more ways than just donating capital.  There are plans to support the building and maintenance of bee farms, along with other areas.


Connect with influencers to form partnerships.

Major exchange listings

Major centralized exchanges will be applied for.


Release BeeKeeper app

Launch BeeKeeper app on iOS and Android for further engagement from the community.

Buy $BKPR at


About $BKPR

Our native token is called $BKPR, which is a deflationary currency. You can buy $BKPR at PancakeSwap, which is a decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and enables a fast and inexpensive way of buying or swapping cryptocurrency.


At inception, we created a total token supply of  1,000,000,000,000,000 $BKPR tokens. These tokens are allocated to the following  destinations:

Public Sale



Token Burn*









Team Wallet's



Company Wallet          for team expansion



*token burn to address oxoo....dead

**reallocation of initial token launch

You purchase, you earn

By buying $BKPR, you fund projects and earn while you hold on to your tokens. Every transaction incurs a 10% transaction fee.  This fee is split into 4 components and, consequently, helps us to achieve the following:

3% goes to charity projects

This means that our charity wallet value automatically increases in size for awesome projects when someone trades $BKPR.

2% goes to the liquidity pool

This automatically decreases price volatility and contributes to a continuously-increasing price floor of our $BKPR token.

2% goes to $BKPR holders

This means that you, as a holder, automatically earn $BKPR, sent to your wallet in near real-time when others trade $BKPR.

3% goes to the company wallet

This allocation enables continued and accelerated development of BeeKeeper as we move forward on an organisational and commercial level.

In addition to the transactional burn, we plan to manually burn coins upon achieving various milestones - more on that later.

How to buy $BKPR.

1. Purchase BNB on your preferred exchange

BNB is the coin required to purchase $BKPR on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You can purchase BNB from:
- Binance
- KuCoin
- Poloniex 

2. Set-up your Metamask wallet

Download Metamask as a browser extension and create an account 

(remember to store your seed phrase somewhere safe - this is very important!)

Open Metamask and go to settings. Go to networks and click add network.

Enter the following details:

If this is your first coin trading on PancakeSwap, it may be a little confusing to get started.

Here's a quick little guide to help you on your first steps. If you're still having trouble, try asking in our Telegram and see if anyone can help you there!

The process requires several stages, which you can find below. If you don’t need to do any of these, just skip to the next stage.

3. Transfer BNB into your Metamask wallet

You will need to transfer your BNB from your exchange wallet (the exchange you used to purchase the BNB) to your Metamask wallet.

To do this, you will need your Metamask’s wallet address, which can be found under your wallet’s name (hovering over will give the option “Copy to clipboard”, and the address will begin with “0x”…).

This will be the wallet address to send your BNB to. When making the transfer, be sure to choose the BEP-20 (BSC) network. Once your transaction has gone through, you should see the BNB in your Metamask wallet.

4. Purchase of $BKPR using PancakeSwap

Go to Ensure BNB is selected in “From”, and underneath, in “To”, click “Select a currency”. Paste in the $BKPR contract address

You can either adjust the BNB amount you want to spend, or the number of $BKPR tokens you want to purchase; whichever side you adjust, the other will adjust automatically based on the current exchange rates at the time.

Click “Swap”. Once the transaction has gone through, you should see the $BKPR tokens in your Metamask wallet.

If you can’t see $BKPR in your Metamask wallet, you may need to manually add the token in. To do this, click “Assets” in your Metmask wallet. Click “Add Token”, and then paste in the $BKPR contract address